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Frequency Spectrum

Radio Spectrum Management is a process of administering the Radio Spectrum under the framework of international treaties, existing national Law, spectrum policies and associated operational procedures. Simply stated, it is the overall process of regulating and administering use of the radio frequency spectrum, which is a scarce national resource.

The regulated spectrum in Eswatini effectively ranges between 9 KHz – 100 GHz. For frequencies above 100 GHz, the prevailing ITU Radio Regulations, in particular article 5 and all other references shall apply. It should be noted that the management of spectrum should be effective as its use is also essential to government functions ranging from defence and public safety to air traffic control and weather forecasting. Spectrum Management is essential for maintaining access to radio spectrum for all users.

The Commission is charged with the responsibility of spectrum planning; creating new allocations, fulfilling frequency planning coordination and assignments, issuing licences, regulating and administering the use of radio frequencies; and the monitoring and enforcement procedures. It is further responsible for establishing regulations, frequency fees structure, technical parameters and standards governing the use of each band ensuring that current international regulations are met.