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The Electronic Communications Act 2013 and the Electronic Communications (Licensing) Regulations 2016 confers upon the Commission the responsibility and mandate to process applications for and issue General licenses and Individual licenses as spelt out in Part II of the regulations.

Section 35(1) of the ECA provides that “a person shall not use a radio frequency spectrum that has not specifically been allocated to that person through a license issued by the Commission in accordance with the National radio frequency plan”. Further, the Regulation 6(1) provide that “a person shall not possess, establish, install or use any radio communications station which requires licensing under these Regulations in any place or on board any local vessel, aircraft or vehicle, unless that person has a valid license granted by the Commission”

Part IV of the Regulations provides that “a licensee who has been assigned frequency bands for use shall maintain and provide, at the Commission's request, an inventory of the assigned frequency bands”.